Thursday, November 20, 2014


Months and months ago, I got a free box from one of those subscription services, this one focused on kids crafts.  I shoved it in a cabinet, thinking I would remember it from a rainy day.  It may have taken me over 6 months, but I did remember it!  It was a lot of fun, and SO very easy because literally every single thing we needed for the craft was included, including a pair of scissors and a glue stick.  Mae and Oscar loved doing it!  I was really glad that I waited to pull it out for a time when the little boys were sleeping, as I only had enough for one camp fire, and I think having three of them do it would have been trouble.  I might have to look into actually subscribing to one of these for the winter months - not only was the craft fun, it led into a lot of great extension play for them all afternoon.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The last Halloween post!  The kids were thrilled to have their grandpa in town to help them carve pumpkins and go trick or treating with!  They found pictures of the pumpkins they wanted, and grandpa did his magic to make it happen.  It would have been even more successful, had I not burned the pumpkin seeds.  Oops!


(Side note - Do you see those tongs Hugo has?  They were put away on top of the oven, and Josh found them and thought it was weird that they were up there, so he put them back in the drawer.  He quickly remembered why they were hidden - less than 5 minutes later, Hugo had them and was tong-ing everything in sight!  Needless to day, they are back in hiding.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween 2

More Halloween photos!  These are mostly because I want to be sure they are included when I print the books - memories!  Our little superheroes were thrilled to take turns 'flying'.


(Can you see him?!)
(Blurry but priceless)

That joy!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween Part 1

So, you could say I took a little blogging break - totally on accident!  We have had a busy few weekends, and that's when I usually spend time getting photos organized and uploaded - and it just didn't happen.  Oops!  Don't mind the dated pics here :)

This year we had such a fun Halloween.  The week before, my mom sis and I made capes for the kids' costumes (let's face it, they made them - I just bought supplies and had the idea...) and had a blast.  Halloween week we went roller skating in costume (and won best group costume, the kids were on cloud 9!), got a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme, and carved pumpkins.  It is so fun for me to see how things are now that we've got a few kiddos a little older; they get SO into it!  We did a little photo session before roller skating and before the cold set in for actual Halloween - my little superheroes.  


Sunday, November 16, 2014


Mae's big recital was last week.  
When we originally signed up for the dance class, I didn't think we would even participate in the optional showcase - but she quickly told me that she wanted to.  
I decided to go ahead and order the costume and that we would see how it went when it was closer to the date.  
She stayed committed, and on that day I couldn't tell you which one of us was more anxious.
  My sweet girl likes to be in her comfort zone, and a big part of that includes being with her brothers or her parents - neither of which would be next to her at the recital. 
This recital, as inconsequential as it was, was the perfect picture of what motherhood has been so far.  The joy, the anxiety.  The prayer and the worry.  The peace and the laughter.  You so badly want them to be able to do what their peers do, when their peers do it, and how their peers do it. 
 And yet you also want them to have that little something special - something that shows that they aren't afraid to be themselves.  That they know they can trust you to hold their hand and walk them through the fear, the tough stuff.  The self confidence to try things that they are afraid of, knowing that you'll be there to give them a hug regardless of how things end up.
 I dropped my girl off with the other dancers in the section reserved for them, and paced in the back of the room with my baby-est.  Not long after, another mama came and let me know that my girl was upset, crying.
 I went to her and kneeled, my most cheerful face on, telling her how awesome it was that she was going to dance on the big stage.  Talking about how we would get to give her a surprise after the last dance, commenting on the other girls' costumes and saying which ones we liked best.  I was lighthearted and easy going, hoping she would feed off of my feigned emotions.
 After a minute or two, I left her and stood off to the side where she could see me - slowly easing back toward the back of the room.  She sat, she looked nervous but no more tears came. 
 Soon, the show started and she watched.  She watched the dancers, and I watched her.  Willing her to be brave - to follow the other girls up on the stage and feel confident and capable.  Prayed that she would not burst into hot, anxious tears on stage or balk at the steps leading to it.
And though I have no photos, she did just that.  She walked up.  She gave a shy grin to her teacher who was prompting them through the actions - and she danced her little dance, doing about every fourth move.  I watched from the back, my wild man one year old strapped to me in a carrier, trying to hold back my own hot, proud, bittersweet tears.  We did it.  One more step.  One more success.  One more thing I was able to see her through.  These are the things no one prepared me for - these are the things I will remember.